Malaysia is the world’s number one provider of palm oil. The country has natural resources helping it to stand out in the biofuel industry. They have focused on such a field due to the fact that it is green and sustainable. They have announced lately that they are looking forward to add more focus on the industry, trying to provide green and healthy biofuel alternatives to the world, as it is what is needed at the moment.

Datuk Darell Leiking the minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) released in news that palm oil has changed the course of Malaysia from using fossil fuels and has in turn had many positive effects on the economy and on the pollution levels. Palm oil has proven itself to be a new and efficient renewable energy source which is something that Malaysia is surely proud of.

He commented further on saying, “As the largest exporter and second largest producer of the palm oil in the world, we sit in a position of ensuring this commodity evolves into an industry that brings much benefits to global market, in particular, the energy and transportation ecosystem. Malaysia is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and market size to improve the quality and production of palm-based energy products.”

This source has been useful in many different field throughout the country including the energy and transportation fields. They believe that this makes their role in the global market more important that what it currently is, as the leading palm oil providers in Malaysia are becoming global renewable energy providers.