Malaysia is a strategic country that plays a very important role in Asia. Malaysia is very developed and has a lot of industries with strong grounds. It focuses on imports and exports as a huge part of its economy, together with tourism. The country is the strongest body in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations which is why it is important to most countries in the world.

Recently, Poland was  moving forward to expand their local businesses, trying to move to global directions. According to the studies conducted by Poland, Malaysia might actually be the best location for them to start expanding their premium export. This was discussed thoroughly by Przemyslaw Zareba who is the Head of Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PITA) in Kuala Lumpur.

He commented on this news saying, “We are promoting Malaysia as a premium market, and actively encouraged our manufacturers in four industries to look to Malaysia for new business opportunities. One of the obstacles is halal certification. So we support our manufacturers in educating them on what is halal, and the halal system here. Secondly, we help them by connecting them with the right body in Malaysia, for example, JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) or the Department of Veterinary Services. Poland is very well known in Europe for quality food and we want to capitalise on this. So, selling more to Malaysia would definitely be based on halal certification. That is why we consider this as an important part.”