With the trade war reaching its highest peak and US and China’s deals and businesses suffering, the countries are now looking for alternatives for major deal signing. One of the most appealing countries for the China side to be the main pool for investments is Malaysia which is the leading company in the ASEAN council and one of the most developed countries in terms of their industries and economy.

Malaysia is welcoming to such changes and are looking forward for better deals with China to help strengthen the stance of both countries. It is safe to say that Malaysia has no prioir deals with United States that might be broken due to their move which is why they are safely moving towards China for partnerships.

This was commented on by Dr Ong Kian Ming the International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister by saying, “Malaysia could potentially benefit in terms of of attracting more Chinese investors to come to the country due to its strategic location in Southeast Asia. The investment for the steel mill has translated into 3,800 jobs for local workers, and we have also welcomed Maxtrek Tyres, a new investment from Guangdong’s Zhaoqing Junhong Co Ltd in MCKIP. Investments that have materialised and are currently operational include the China-Malaysia International Science and Technology Park, the Electronic Information Industry Park, the Smart Interconnection Industrial Park and the National Bird Nest Laboratory.”