All countries around the world are looking for better numbers and results. The countries are moving forward towards better developments, being able to reach high tech grounds. With the competition being stiff between United Arab Emirates and the United States, many countries in Asia are also looking forward to join the competition. Malaysia being a strong country in Asia has moved forward towards creating a new program to push the high-tech industry in the country forward. The country believes the better use of high-tech industry will help increase its value chain.

Malaysia has already shown better results in terms of performance in the field of machine and equipment manufacturing. This change done by the country has increase its value chain which inspired them to use more high-tech tools. This was move started with the plans of the Deputy Minister of the Malaysian International Trade and Industry.

Given that the country plays a very crucial and responsible role in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Prime Minister believes that further steps should be taken. This was announced in the 25 International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technology Exhibition, where Malaysia started to stand out as a high-tech country.

The support to the arguments stated by the Prime Minister was through the exports of the country, where they were able to make a total of RM40.6 billion from machinery and equipment only.