The Malaysian economy has always been welcoming towards foreign investments. Malaysia is one of the many countries that have been facing problems due to the escalating United States and China trade war.

Though Malaysia is a relatively small economy it has a major influence in the global markets. Malaysian markets saw a weak trend last year following the statements of some officials. Malaysian real estate's huge project of Forest City in Johor’s Iskandar region was mainly advertised and aimed at a foreign audience. But since the official remarks by officials of banning foreigners from the purchase of units at the forest city the project investments had been stalled. But now after clarification from the administration has rekindled the investments and is expected to help the economy drastically.  Forest City’s brand management general manager, Zhou Jon stated that we're able to contribute to the Malaysian economy, create job opportunities and promote technology and knowledge transfer and that they have received a lot of support from the government. Malaysian real estate is said to flourish after the completion of this project giving rise to similar ideas.

Also, the development company of the forest city is the only company to be recognized by the Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The project is expected to contribute to the local Malaysian contractor's jobs, the 1.6 billion RM project is set to create jobs for Malaysians and also contribute to various other markets. It is also expected to offer buyers 20,000 units this year that are priced between RM13,000 and RM18,000 per sq m. Gadgets: Taiwan