According to reports in Malaysia, the country is not yet ready to cope with the new industrial era invading the country. Many different economists believe that the current skills and talents in Malaysia are not big or ready enough for what is known as Industry 4.0 or the new era of industry.

Suggestions indicate that better trainings and educational skills should first be provided and invested in, to help enlarge the technical knowledge. This was seen through the assessments and numbers being evaluated per company whether on the public or private sector.

This was commented on by the ex-trade and industry minister in Malaysia by saying, “A ‘revolution in education’ is required to be in line with the dynamics of the marketplace domestically, regionally and globally. Education is the lynchpin to a Malaysia moving forward successfully in the highly competitive operating environment. Failure to revolutionise the education system, structure and software and content will render Malaysia unable to meet the new demands and imperatives. Firstly, a good proportion (of graduates) have done courses or studies that have very little or no relevance to what business and industry require in their operations. Many do no not reinforce their knowledge base by additionally adding on ICT related skills and competence. In the highly competitive knowledge-based industries and sectors, there certainly is no place for graduates of studies in the humanities courses.” said the former international trade and industry minister.”