The economic war between the United States and China is still on the move. It has been almost two weeks ever since the United States have made its attack against China through policies on economic terms. Many different reasons speculate about the reason behind the bold move of the United States. Some claim it is one of Donald Trump misshapes while other believes it is related to a recent deal China had with almost 80 countries of the world concerning the trading routes.

However, as more and more escalations take place, only lately President Of The United States, Donald Trump has announced that the tariffs added on the metal products will be lifted which is a positive point for China’s stance in the clash. However, there is no news or announcements on the Tariffs put on the automotive industry which has affected many different countries not only China.

Japan is one of the leading car manufacturers and providers in the world. This tariffs situation does actually have a lot of negative effect on its side too. Being a huge competitor in the market, the Japanese automotive industry has been losing figures day by day due to the ongoing war. Japan are trying to make moves to limit the war and trading restrictions onto China alone, trying to be the leading head of the market.

Mr. Trump commented saying, “I’m pleased to announce we’ve just reached agreement with Canada and Mexico. We’ll be selling our product into those countries without the imposition of tariffs.”