Mobile remittance is a money transfer service that allows people in one country to transfer or add mobile credits securely and electronically to another mobile on overseas family or friends. Replenishment occurs through various payment mechanisms. The sender selects the country, mobile network, recipient number and mobile airtime amount to transfer. Mobile airtime is instantly credited to the recipient

Key players Mobile Remittance Services Market: Mobetize Corp., Remitly, Regalii, peerTransfer, Currency Cloud, Azimo, WorldRemit, TransferWise, Ripple, MoneyGram

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Segmentation of Mobile Remittance Services Market:

By Type:
  • Banks
  • Money Transfer Operators
  • Others
By Applications:
  • Migrant Labor Workforce
  • Low-income Households
  • Small Businesses
  • Others
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  • Elaboration on effective marketing and global distribution channels
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