Singapore being one of the leading countries in the Finance sector in the region of South East Asia is now moving towards expanding their knowledge and aiding the country and the pool with the different Fintech technologies out there in our world. This will be achieved through the introduction of the Mumbrella Asia Finance Marketing Summit which will take place this year in Singapore at the Novotel by August 29. This event is one of the biggest Fintech events in the world which will be held in Singapore that focuses on promoting the finance sector.

Many different speakers will be available in the summit with huge names and positions including the executive director of group channels and digitalization of the United Overseas Bank called Nicholas Chee. Together with Integral Ad Science South East Asia managing director Laura Quigley and Dr Clemen Chiang, who is a financial services expert and fintech investor.

This event is expected to introduce the newest and most up-to-date technology in the Fintech field which will help the country progress. Experts in the field believe that the data in banks can be used to reach a lot of different things and will help change the course of the country. The event will target banks which is the simplest platform for the fintech to rise to help them move forward towards better financial sector in the country. The event is one of the biggest of its kind and will feature people from companies all over the world.