Alibaba is one of the leading e-commerce platforms being a strong contender for Amazon. The company has lately released its newest technology update known as a sub-company with the name of Alibaba Cloud. This sector holds all the data and the different AI tools to handle Alibaba as a whole. Recent news has shown that the cloud company has created its newest deal with the United Arab Emirates to be responsible for handling and hosting the first ever MEA Internet Summit

This will be a huge deal for the company as it will gain strong exposure through holding this event which will allow it to spread awareness of its existence and gain partnerships. Furthermore, the country will be able to host many different global companies in the clouding field which will increase the investments and impact the economy one way or another.

This was commented on by different experts and officials from Alibaba cloud Intelligence international including the president, Selina Yuan who said, “This is an exciting time for internet companies across the globe, and lately we have seen a surge in the number of innovations spanning diverse domains – from retail to fintech and entertainment. At Alibaba Cloud, our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. We are proud of our role in helping enterprises expanding into some of the fastest-growing vertical markets through our proven technology capabilities, such as AI and machine learning.”