Japan is a country that is highly developed and produced many different products. This country is very successful in production and exporting being the leading company in many different technologies including electronics. However, one of strongest market in the country is the automotive market; being the home of many different well-known car companies.

One of the most popular car company in the world is Nissan which is originated in Japan. This company is well-known worldwide for its affordable products and high quality and performance cars. However, recently the company has just released and announcement that might change the whole automotive industry. The company has announced to release its first car with a feature called ProPilot Assist.

The ProPilot Assist is a feature that allows the driver to not hold the wheel while driving, where it is a semi-autonomous driving technology. This feature is said to be released in the models being sent to the United States. The news was a shock as the company announced that this release will be during this fall; making it closer than ever.

The general manager of the automaker's autonomous driving development department, Tetsuya Iijima commented on their release saying, “The new technology will keep Nissan at the head of the pack in the emerging field of autonomous driving, a key focus of Nissan's brand-building strategy. All of the functions are the world's highest level. It is going to be very difficult for others to top this and overtake us. We have integrated the most advanced-level technologies.”