Emirates Airlines are one of the leading airlines companies in the world. They always seek to find better solutions for their customers to be able to have the best flight experience. This is seen through their ratings, customer satisfactions and the developed, up to date technology available on the plane.

Only recently emirates airline has revealed that they have signed a deal with a German company that is associated with AI. The main target of the deal is to create a new AI-powered flight assistant that can help make the plane more customer friendly. This is expected to change the whole pre-flight and post-flight experience to the travellers.

The deal was signed by Adel Al Redha who is the Emirates’ executive vice president and chief operations officer. One the other side of the table where the companies in the deal from Opinsta (UK), Predapp (Germany) and Verusen (US); who will each supply one part of a three part deal.

Adel commented on the deal saying, “Over the course of nine weeks, the interactions between the teams at Emirates as well as the participants of Cohort 6 of the Dubai Future Accelerators programme have resulted in a number of options we can explore to address the challenges we had defined.”

The deal also included the signature of the CEO at Dubai Future Foundation, Khalfan Belhoul. He commented on the amazing deal saying, “What we are witnessing here is the advancement of the next wave in aviation innovation led by the UAE government by adopting and testing emerging technologies, and reiterating once again Dubai’s role in shaping the future of humanity.”