Sometimes the road to advancement begins in unlikely places.

For Thomas and Alexandra Bland, who have a brand and opening a new downtown retail style studio and trade search, it all started with a changing table.

Alexandra's interest was piqued once she saw a piece of furniture created with wood pallets on Pinterest.

She asked her husband to form a table for their daughter. When buying basic tools, Thomas managed to remodel many pallets into an item with a herringbone top.

The couple united it and it looked smart.

That's when the woodworking took off," said Thomas, who had already developed serious woodworking skills throughout a previous home renovation project.

The 8,700-square-foot area is presently utilized as a warehouse for Schenectady Home Furnishings, a nondescript building perked on a quiet street peripheral Little Italy and hemmed in by train tracks.

Beginning this fall, the Blands, both 31, can renovate the building.

The ground floor can contain studio area and also the trade workshop, holding the initial wooden flooring and lift within the method. 3 residential residences are going to be created upstairs, together with one the couple has reserved for themselves and their 2 young daughters.

The combine has road-tested expertise when restoring their 1920s-era home on Parkwood Avenue, which found a client per week when it had been placed on the market.

"It was stunning," Thomas said. "It was like, ‘people like what we tend to do' and it had been affirming."

The city commission granted website arranges approval for the project last week, and also the Blands expect to shut on the property inside a month and complete construction on the retail and wood search sections by late-spring or early summer.

They aim to complete the residences shortly thenceforth, which can embrace lavatory vanities and room islands made by Thomas.