Our world is constantly moving through technological developments and updates. The only main used resource on our planet that might seek to exist soon is energy. Energy plays a very important role in maintaining the everyday life tasks conducted by most of the current technologies and devices. In the automotive industry energy is very important as it acts as the driving force for vehicles. This can be seen through fuel usage or even batteries in electric cars.

This is the main concern for most automotive companies, where they try to find new ways to accommodate for the use of energy. Only recently, Toyota Motor Corporation, which is one of the most popular car companies all over the world, were able to find a new way to solve such a problem. The company has just recently released busses that works using fuel cells.

Fuel cells are electrochemical units which can convert energy from fuel to electric energy. This is considered to be a more efficient source of energy which will reshape the industry. The company started releasing the product on their busses due to the short capacity and quantity needed to maintain this sector.

The company has announced the release of almost 100 busses with the technology right ahead of the Olympics that will take place in Japan 2020. The company released the following statement describing their new vision: “Engage continuously in the diligent development targeted at the expansion of the introduction of the new FC buses from 2018 so as to contribute to the realization of a hydrogen-based society".