Technology has been invading our world during only the past decades with countries moving forward towards being high tech and well-developed. Many countries focus on being the most developed company with state of the art machinery and technologies. However, a country that truly stands out is United Arab Emirates which holds the most technology found in any country. Due to the high number of digital technologies being implemented and used in the cities everyday life, a new rule has been initiated by the government that aids the digital age.

According to local news, the President of United Arab Emirates, Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has released a new law in the city of Abu Dhabi who he is the ruler of. This law in the constitution tackles the digital authority topic due to the fact that personalities are now legally digitalized and used by the government systems. The law goes under the No.16 in the year 2019 by the name of Abu Dhabi Digital Authority.

The digital authority will replace the currently used Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre and all the data, assets and rights that the center uses or contains will be given and used by the Digital authority. This new body in the government will handle tasks including all the e-government transactions. It will focus on transferring all documents held by the government to the digital world together with full data security over the digital cloud.