The new approach conducted by the Malaysian government towards reaching a new and better industrial era is named as Industry 4.0. The government is encouraging different companies to focus on the new advancements in the industry. They were able to divide the field into 9 main categories which shapes the robots, simulation, system integration, Internet of Things, cyber security, the cloud, additive manufacturing, big data, and analytics.

The main direction is to increase the overall numbers of the country in terms of production. This is expected to double the economy through exports that will increase. Malaysia plays a very important role in the area which makes it important to handle a strong industrial stance.

This was commented on by Datuk Norhalim Yunus who is the Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) Chief Executive Officer who said, “We (MTDC) are not just looking at assisting Malaysian companies move up the value chain, as consumers of the technology, but we are also considering creating opportunities and growing local companies to supply the products and services. If we can develop a group of Malaysian companies that are good in cyber security, augmented reality and robotics, only then can we assist them to move up the technology value chain, because our needs might differ from customers in other countries. There is a lot of potential in robotics as many industries are still dependent on imported manual labour, for example, the furniture industry, where robotics technology can easily replace the shift of two to three workers just for the pick and place task.