For any international bank it is important and crucial to find the right personnel to fit all the position. This is very important for high positions and critical areas as financial institutions are not something to take lightly. Even with the overall unavailability of good talent in the financial sector in Singapore, HSBC Singapore was able to finally hire a new head of financial institutions group (FIG), South-east Asia. The new manager is called Kanakanjan Ray.

Mr. Ray is believed to be the best candidate for this new position being positioned in the bank. He has been an employee in the bank for almost 15 years which gives him enough experience to stand out. He was able to hold many different managerial and senior positions, leading many different teams and having strong relations with the people on board.

This new position was made for him to handle the lender’s coverage of financial institution. This will be implemented for a huge area that the bank serves including almost all the South East Asia industry with the following countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

This was commented on by the head of global banking South-east Asia, Stephen Williams. He believes that this move is smart and important move by the bank by saying, “Kanak has played a crucial role in building our FIG client base in Singapore, and, with his many years of APAC (Asia-Pacific) experience, will be invaluable to our clients tapping the emerging opportunities in Asean.”