With the automotive industry in huge competition, all companies all over the world are showing new products and new generation technology to help boost their sales. Given that Japan is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to this market, the competition gets very stiff between companies. This was seen lately with Renault as it has recently had a new partnership with Fiat to create a new model Hybrid between both companies.

This new move is expected to reshape the market and to have serious impact on the number and performance of direct competitors Nissan. This new deal is a 50-50 partnership where both companies will create a new Renault-FCA which holds the benefits of both companies and models in only one vehicle.

This was further commented on by the senior auto analyst at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, Christopher Richter by saying, “It shows that Nissan isn't the only date in town. Having been spurned a couple times, Renault is looking around for a new partner. This changes the dynamic for Nissan in several ways. FCA looks forward -- as part of a combined enterprise with Groupe Renault -- to working with Group Renault's Alliance partner companies on ways to create additional value for all Alliance members. FCA recognizes the standing and achievements of Group Renault's partners and sees significant expected benefits to all parties from the expanded partnership.”

The market expects Nissan to announce something huge at this time to help compete with this move.