It is in no doubt that the major tech news in the country right now is the 5G being released all over the world. Telecom companies have been working hard to evolve the current technologies and develop it in order to reach a better and more developed form known as the 5G technology. The 5G technology is a big deal as it will open space to help other fields including the use of technologies like Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality.

Recently in Dubai it was announced that the 5G network will be released this month by their own most known telecom company ZTE. However, in order to produce such a change different handsets should be made which can use and withstand the 5G tech. This was made through a partnership that ZTE made with Du; a local mobile phones producer in Dubai which has decided to launch their new Axon Pro 10 handset. This phone will be released by the end of the month which might be sold with high production value as it will be the first in the region to handle such  technology.

This was commented on by the Deputy CEO for Telco Services, at the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (Du). Fahad Al Hassawi who said, “The 5G reality is here, which is why we are thrilled to be able to bring this revolutionary technology to more customers across the UAE. As the 5G journey gathers momentum, we are excited to be inspiring customers to achieve new possibilities as advanced connectivity becomes available in more places.”