Japan is the number one leading company when it comes to the automotive industry. The country holds many companies which are the leading and number one car production companies all over the world. With the newest technology and developments being released to the market month by month, there are still a few setbacks that can attack the companies images. One main company that has met a problem just recently is Nissan, which is one of the most famous car providers worldwide.

The current CEO of the company, Carlos Ghosn's was recently arrested which has had a negative impact on the brands name. He was charged with allegations in the claim of elf-dealing, profligate spending and filing false statements. With the problem rising, news state that the next successor and CEO might aswell be involved in the incident; called Hiroto Saikawa.

This issue was addressed by the spokesman of the company, Nicholas Maxfield who commented saying, “A new management team and strategy may be the answer. We do not comment on rumors or speculation. The company’s focus is on stabilizing operations and strengthening its management structure, while addressing the weaknesses in governance that enabled this misconduct. Nissan clearly had very bad corporate governance and an atmosphere where few felt they could question Mr. Ghosn. His departure will enable them to reboot, but it will take time to put a strong management team in place"

More details are yet to be released by the company in further meetings.