Nissan has been one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in Japan and the world for a long time. However, with the automotive industry moving fast in terms of developments and different technologies being used, Nissan has had a setback from its side. Different companies have been excelling beyond Nissan showing more positive numbers in terms of sales and success.

This is why it was a goal for the design chief of the cars in Nissan, Alfonso Albaisa, to start making new ideas to help develop and push the sales of the company. The chief designer originally from Cuba is now acquiring design talents to help flourish the product in the United States.

Albaisa commented on his new era of design saying, “We are constantly evolving the company. What to do with the next 40 helped to form my mindset. We need proven superstars, but we also need inspirational leaders who lead more by inspiration and less by mandate. What I can say is that our design themes will continue to be inspired by and connect to our Japanese DNA. I am eager to watch David start to immerse himself in our Japanese DNA and see how this inspires him and influences his views on design. I see all of our design centers as part of one big global team. While each of these studios produce work for their markets, they also make significant contributions to global projects across the Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti brands.”