The most recent news that has been taking up all the automotive industry in Japan and the world lately is the new partnership between Renault and Nissan which is expected to create a new hybrid vehicle by the name of FCA. This vehicle is set to have all the positives of both Nissan’s technology and Renault’s technology to help create a strong commercial vehicle. However, things has not been looking bright lately with the new updates on the deal.

There has already been many different claims and issues with the deal as other companies who were partners with Nissan are now doubting their loyalty with the new deal taken with the competitor company. As these issues are being solved internally by Nissan other problems are now rising in the talent provided by Nissan. According to recent news the technology and the talent provided by Nissan has not yet met the required minimum requirements for Renault to go on with the deal.

This was commented on by the senior auto analyst at Sawakami Asset Management Inc, Mr. Tatsuo Yoshida who said, “Many head hunters are probably approaching Nissan's top and midlevel management these days. The liquidity of people at Nissan is much higher now than it was before. There is not someone clearly more qualified to deal with the current situation. One of the clear failures of the Ghosn era is not cultivating a bench of managers for the next generation.”