Finances are a very important field to for companies to help grow and expand easily. The main reason behind multinational corporates is to gain profits and increase their overall revenues. This is why different financial studies are conducted by the end of each quarter of the year to help understand where the company stands at the moment in relation to the total annual plan and goals. This could lead to a seen decrease in income rates which forces companies to provide better products.

However, the case was different for a certain company in Singapore, where the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited in Singapore was able to make more profits than expected in its first quarter of the business finance year. The bank showed an increase growth of profit of 11% which was a change in the anticipated results from $1.14b. to $1.23b in only the first quarter of the year.

The increase in net profit was due to the operating profits that were examined before allowing allowances. The overall change in the net interest income showed an increase of 8% in turn, climbing up to $1.53b. Another increase in the overall customer loans was observed, reaching $259b (an increase of 5% compared to the anticipated results).

Many different values have increased which acts as a positive image for the bank for its first quarter. On the other hand, the asset quality did not change due to the decrease in the non-performing loan from $881m to $298m.