Portugal's rise in the tech industry has led the country into a headfirst dive into the huge foreign investments taking place and boosting the economy and acting as an invitation to the rest of the world to come to Portugal.

Portugal has seen a substantial rise in its immigrants' inflow as the country was suffering from a low birth rate and declining population, which is essential if the nation is to sustain a growth rate above the eurozone average, as it has for the past two years. The number of foreign residents increased by a record-breaking half a million. Foreign investments were also marked as the highest in the decade. These investments rose in Portugal by a whopping 161 percent from 2015 to 2018 by far the most in Western Europe. With extremely low crime rates, amazing environment to live in, more job opportunities, leverage in tax cuts has led to the rise of the tech sector as well as the Portuguese economy. However, the tech industry of Portugal will flourish, or no is a huge question because due to the global financial crisis the tech companies will be aiming operations from countries where manufacture and operations are financially viable.

For now, the Portuguese tech scene is the new trend in the market. It's all the craze for the tech enthusiasts with a complete package of good life. Technology has proved again that it not only eases our work but also promotes different aspects of life through its establishment and not even crucial to its use.