Singapore being the home of the most developed financial sector in the world, makes it a pool for companies to release and create programs special for the ecosystem. One of the companies lately in the field who took a move towards solving a huge financial problem in the business sector is Jump Liquidity which is a partition from Jump Trading, one of the leading companies in the trading field in Singapore. The company has recently announced that they will take a step towards a new pricing engine to help stabilize the financial market.  announced on Monday that it is launching a pricing engine in Singapore.

This was commented on by the head of sales and distribution for Jump Liquidity in Asia  called Daniel Sheen by saying, “We are excited that Jump Liquidity will be expanding its e-trading offering for FX in Singapore. The diverse mix of players – banks, non-bank liquidity providers and trading platforms – that have set up their e-trading engines in Singapore demonstrates the potential of e-trading in FX in the region, and is a reflection of Singapore’s standing as the center of FX execution in the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore is a key trading center for Asia-Pacific, and we are committed to actively growing our business in the region. With the new pricing capability set up in Singapore, we can provide our counterparties with greater liquidity and efficiency in G10, Precious Metals and Emerging Markets transactions.”