The technology field in United Arab Emirates have been expanding and booming lately in all directions. This is why new tech are being enforced day by day to help expand the region and develop what needs to be developed. One main technology that is up for debate is the public cloud initiative which will hold data of all the public in one area for frequent communication with tech field companies.

According to recent news and reports this public cloud is something that IT experts in the region are rooting for and believe will play an important and huge part in the expansion of the country. A recent survey has been conducted involving all the decision makers in the IT section in UAE. The study has shown that 76% of the IT market in the region believes and agrees on the use of Public cloud technology. According to the arguments, this technology can be well used for future tech solutions and other different initiatives by the government and public sector businesses. This was all according to the YouGov survey which involved a total of 502 participants.

This was commented on by the Managing Director, SAP UAE, Mr. Zakaria Haltout by saying,  “Over three-quarters of UAE IT decision-makers agreeing on the importance of the public cloud in integrating future technology shows how artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things can drive economic growth, boost competitiveness, and transform daily lives. Already we’re working closely with UAE public sector organizations.”