The semiconductor business in Japan has been excelling rapidly in  the past few years, making it one of the most wanted technologies to be developed for commercial products and uses. This has inspired and pushed the main leading companies in the country to take part of the new sector; creating one of a kind experience with the technology.

However, one company that might have been facing setbacks with the technology is the multinational Toshiba Corp. on the use and manufacturing of equipment using semiconductors. The company has just recently decreased the profit forecast for this sector in the business due to many different problems met and unexpected costs while manufacturing semiconductors.

There was a decreases of almost ¥60 billion between the previously stated anticipated profit and the current new release for the number. During the development of the technology, the company has released a statement reflecting a loss of ¥9.8 billion asset impairment with their new company NuFlare Technology Inc.

A decrease in the stock market values has occurred and is still expected to take place. Due to the change in cost in the energy sector in Japan, the company faced a change in their forecast, with a decrease in the overall value. The total net profit anticipated by the company in 2018 has decreased to ¥870 billion from the previously stated value of ¥920 billion. This decrease has affected the stake value of their selling price for their Toshiba Memory Corp. in June.