In recent news in the business field, Singapore is on the move trying to create their own business pool, similar to Silicon Valley. With ambitions to reach such a potential they are looking forward to hiring the right people who have what it takes to reach such results. This was seen through their approach towards Paul Bragiel who is a guru in the business and finance field in San Francisco. He is an investor who played an important role in Silicon Valley.

Paul announced that Singapore had interests in him joining their projects yet he said that he will need to be contact more than once in order to consider the offer. As he actually travelled to Singapore to observe the deal and projects he was excited to take a step towards investing in the tech field, adding more finances to the scene.

He commented saying, “They gave us a very aggressive deal. Very few countries would have matched it. Singapore is very successful; it has a great reputation for its ease of doing business and its links to the wider region. Many UK tech companies are already here and many more are exploring the opportunity. We have to be quite clear when we are chasing the Googles and Facebooks. We want engineering. We want to be a place where you’re creating new products and services for Asia. I need that generation of Jedi Masters to sort of come to train future young budding Jedis.”