Small cars has always been a trend in Europe due to it being efficient and money friendly. The price for oil or petrol is expensive in this region due to the fact that it is scarce and is mainly brought in through imports. The best part of these small cars released in Europe is the level of sophistication involved in the car through different features. This is the main point of interest of the European people when trying to purchase new vehicles.

However, recent reports and news show that the sales for small cars in Europe has been decreasing to tremendous levels. This gives a forecasted image that these types of cars might actually just vanish from the world or decrease in great numbers as it is starting to be irrelevant in our century. The main reason behind the decrease in numbers is the fact that big vehicles are being redesigned to be more efficient and environmental friendly. This means that the bigger car will still provide the same level of interest to the European market compared to the small one.

This was commented on by Steve Armstrong, the Chairman  of Ford in Europe during his interview with the Automotive News Europe by saying, “New CO2 rules will require automakers to fit thousands of euros of tech to each car. Big cars have the price points and margins to cover these costs. Small cars simply do not. These segments may soon be abandoned by many manufacturers. Ironically, the smaller vehicles are toughest to reduce CO2 in.”