Parking has always been a problem in many countries all over the world due to the high increase in population rates. Furthermore, the high consumer market growth in the automotive industry has caused many problems in the parking field. This was specially seen in Dubai, where they have recently created the perfect solution for the problem.

The governmental body in Dubai known as Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has developed and released a new smart parking system in a few different areas in Dubai including Al Rigga and Dubai World Centre parking areas; located next to Sheikh Zayed Road.

The new system consists of sensors and cameras that work together using a central control unit. This system provides a total of 3035 parking areas, which provides data directly to users through an APP which shows the number of available spots in real time.

The technology was explained further more by the CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, Maitha bin Adai, saying, “The system involves sophisticated technologies like ground sensors and digital cameras to monitor the usage of parking through detecting vacant slots and instantly transmitting information to the central system for display onto the information signs and the smart app. The new service... makes it easy for users and saves them the hassles of finding parking slots, as it saves 20-30 percent of the time spent in searching for a parking in conventional parking areas. The smart parking system reduces traffic accidents and congestions and saves about 8 minutes in the search for parking”