President Moon Jae-in will place more significance on promoting Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the goal of establishing it as a core nation industry.

During a visit to the Developer's View conference at COEX, Monday, Moon emphasized the need to build an "AI powerhouse" as the next phase to being an "IT powerhouse" to take the worldwide lead in preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To that extend, the administration will proclaim a national roadmap for promoting the AI segment with comprehensive support actions within the year, rendering to Cheong Wa Dae Monday.

The roadmap will comprise expanding the government budget, and increasing personnel and organizations to better aid AI development policies. In addition, the administration intends to nurture AI specialists, by establishing more graduate schools within the nation's main universities.

Moon's keynote speech at the nation's largest conference for software and AI specialists mainly reflected the President's focus on answering to the need to catch up with worldwide competition in the AI segment "We may not be a pioneering country in AI and we have not yet reached the realm's top level in AI. But we have the knowledge of leading the internet revolution while undergoing the Asian financial disaster. We are a global leader in production and have the world's top ICT infrastructure, in calculation to rich experience in conducting e-government policies," Moon stated.

The President further said that the knowhow acquired through past industrial accomplishments will enable Korea to become a leader in the AI segment. "By combining the sectors where we previously have a global edge, we will be able to manufacture the smartest and most human-like AI."