Finance plays a very important part of the success of any company. It might be considered as the main measure of success but still being part of the financial team makes you an insepreable part of the company. Financial departments are strong and hold a very large percentage of the companies information that can make it fail or succeed.

People who are involved in financial departments are more likely to create businesses and succeed due to their hard working brains and detail oriented minds. This was the case for the CEO of a new tech company just recently launched in Singapore that might have changed the look of the market. Rayner Loi, was a finance student at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, yet he decided that he has learned enough to move forward and start his own business.

This has inspired Rayner to move in a direction by creating a new product and introducing it in the market which utilizes AI trackers. These trackers will be used with bins and garbage disposals to help reduce the food waste that is dumped daily.

Rayner was interviewed about her decision and the new direction she is hoping to move through. Accordingly she commented on her risky move saying, “She just broke down and started thanking me profusely. I was like, Auntie, it’s one dinner. I can afford it. But then she said that on most days, she can’t afford to put dinner on the table for herself and her son.”