Japan is well-known for its strong automotive industry. It has long been one of the leading companies in car manufacturing with many different companies founded and based originally in Japan. The country is popular with cars due to their high efficient vehicles with cheap and affordable prices. One leading company is Subaru which is very common all over the world.

Only recently the latest Subaru models showed great response in the United States market. However, reports suggest that the company has actually faced a lot of problems with their cars in other countries around the world, including Japan. This was due to the bad quality associated with the vehicle and many different external issues in the global economic system which lead to a decrease in the overall sales of the vehicle.

According to fiscal reports released, the company has showed a loss of almost 33% in the net income in the past 12 month reaching a value of $1.33 billion, while their overall revenue decreased a total of 2.2% reaching $28.51 billion. This was the result obtained from sales of a total of 1 million vehicle in the past year.

A statement was released by the CEO of the company, Tomomi Nakamura stating, “We have had very tough results for the year," CEO Tomomi Nakamura said last week while announcing the fiscal-year financial results. "In our key U.S. market, sales are, thankfully, trending very well. In that sense, keeping strong performance in our key market is a great source of strength."