Subaru was once one of the leading companies in the automotive industry with developments and different products being released day by day to help them eat a large portion of the market. The company, however, had had many setbacks in the previous years, making other competitors take advantage and eat the market. However, during 2019 the company has decided to pick up what they left in the market and recreate new products that will stand out compared to their competition.

The company focused on solving their problems in terms of the lineage and the weak external body. They will start expanding towards new markets including North America which was never a real focus for Subaru.

This was commented on by an expert in the field: “We acknowledge that over the past year we had more recalls than Subaru would like. We want there to be zero. But when faced with a quality problem, we have been able to move quickly to get ahead of issues that might affect our customers. This hinders our ability and previous strength to solve problems quickly. SBR and SOA must move more quickly to address these items. The carryover of poor quality into new model release must be prevented. One of SOA's biggest concerns is with 2.4L Turbo engine oil dilution and or extensive smoking following cold engine start. This item is a carryover item from [quality monitoring team] but it seems only achieved SBR's full attention recently.”