With the trade war only having more complications, many different countries in the South East Asia region are being affected directly. This would include the most recent news with the fallout of the relations between the United States and the Chinese Telecom company, Huawei which has had a huge negative effect. According to recent news, many different investors in Malaysia where actually invested in the stocks for Huawei.

However, after the recent actions taken though the trade war, these investors has sold their stocks of the company due to the anticipated loss in values. Yet, this has had a huge negative effect on the stock market for technology in Malaysia.

More details was provided by Redza Rahma  who is the MIDF Research head, “We still have three months for both countries (US and China) to think about the next steps for the negotiations before the ban takes its full impact. The worse impact is that it warrants temporary plant shutdown. The long-term impact to the whole tech industry is very much depending on the ongoing trade war situation. If it gets worse, then the industry will get worse. We can only hope that there will be an amicable result from the next meeting between US and China. The escalation of this conflict is harmful to the whole tech sector. We reiterate our cautious stance (on tech sector) in the absence of near-term catalyst.”

Further details are yet to be observed through the upcoming days on the industry.