One of the biggest businesses and corporates in Saudi Arabia has just started seeing a new owner. SARA group, which is a family corporate has just been handed to one of the family members, the new CEO called Abdul Majid Rabbat. This company works as a marketing company which focuses on products created and released by FMCGs all over Saudi Arabia. It is one of the leading companies in the field, with high number of clients and millions in revenue stream.

The new CEO was interviewed as a means of welcome to the new position; trying to know more about the change that occurred suddenly in the high level hierarchy of the business. According to Abdul Majid, he was not planning to be part of the business due to his different preferred direction. However, due to the changes that SARA group was going through, he decided to take part of the new image that will be released by the company.

SARA group is also considered one of the companies that form the 21 family businesses who survives in our century. Mr. Majid emphasizd about these statsitics saying how they focus on global standards rather than just local. He commented on the team they obtained throughout the years, consisting of global experts and that they deserve the gratitude rather than the CEO.

He left with a quote saying, “The making of leaders is a secret granted only to those who have overcome their own ego and who understand that their greatest achievement is to build people, not edifices.”