From needle to CAD-CAM:

The arrival of digital technologies in an exceeding sector with such deep roots in Italian culture has been a gradual and not invariably linear method, because a variety of recent developments are dynamic, and typically even revolutionizing, the style industry’s means of operating. The foremost example is that of style technologies, that are currently supported computer-aided design (CAD software and incorporated in value chains that additionally embrace computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems, particularly within the ready to wear sector. This suggests that the models are more and more designed on computers, that also is used for all the tests on the materials, colours, and combos, further because of the best-suited production ways. One in every of the foremost vital examples was the one adopted by Missoni for producing its clothing (, supported patterns designed using CAD, that created it attainable to cut back the time to make the primary samples from 2 months to 24 hours.

In actual truth, the utilization of CAD-CAM technologies is most generally and with success used once, as, within the case of Missoni clothing, the assembly and sales volumes are fairly high. this can be as a result of they use the distribution channels, like malls, that area unit nearest to ancient shoppers. This naturally doesn't exclude the very fact that the normal ‘artisanal’, handwoven approach to style and production has expanded for higher-end customers and for a lot of luxury clothes.