Commodities have a huge effect on global politics, trading’s, and even investments. It is a crucial aspect of an economy that may seem like a very ignorable aspect to the untrained eye of the common masses.

One of the most important and most influential commodities of all time has been gold. The gold reserves of the world have been manipulating the world’s economies way before the world even knew the value of the precious metal. As far as I know the gold of the world was starting to manipulate the nations from the early 1700s which was the very unknown Rothschild family started their banking and gold reserve businesses which have grown them into a very influential family in the global economy. The gold reserves of the world control the overall cash flows and business flow even though the most influential of the economies deny this. Gold prices traded lower as global cues were confusing, following mixed comments from the leaders of the US and China. The gold prices of the world have seen huge spikes and fall in the past couple of years which is not a good sign for global economics and can lead to a sudden surge or even a sudden spike in the global markets resulting in them to crash or prove fatal to some economies.

Gold reserves and gold in the supply chain if balanced can prove very beneficial but if they tip off balance even for a split second the results could be catastrophic. The gold commodity prices in the coming two months will decide the fate of the international markets and also whether we fall into recession or no.