Yasser Selim, the renowned businessman, as well as, ex-intelligence offer have been arrested by Egyptian security forces. Selim is also been known to be a ‘media emperor’ after he bought a number of popular channels, as well as, mass media, as reported by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on Friday.

Selim has been considered as amongst the arms of the Egyptian intelligence services that are responsible for mass media.

It was confirmed by local mass media of Egypt that Selim was arrested due to the complaints filed against him concerning the two major media groups inclusive of the one linked with general intelligence services.

Selim had been hiding himself lately. He was a deputy director of one of the two famous media companies.

He was considered to be amongst the most effective media people played a major role in the intelligence control over mass media, inclusive of satellite channels, as well as, newspaper over the last 5 years.

Since, Selim tapped into the profession of media almost five years back, he is considered to be a frontage for the general intelligence services.

He entered into the world of media as a producer, and five years back he had an ownership of an advertisement firm known as Black and White. He also had ownership over Dot Egypt news website after the demise of Abdullah Kamal, its chief editor.