Maybelline New York:

The complete earns its high ranking with a web site that swimmingly integrates content and commerce. as an example, the “Hot News” section seamlessly connects videos, tutorials, tips, and trends to product pages – and the other way around. Search visibility is optimized for mobile with deep links to tutorials and videos, and therefore the complete’s YouTube channel offers playlists of tutorials with each brand ambassadors and skilled makeup artists.


Strong selling efforts on Amazon. de, like special promotions and participation in Amazon storage room, end in spectacular search visibility on the e-tailer. The complete additionally makes its web site a consultation hub, material possession users type through data supported individual skin sort or concern. Its new Nivea Für Mich app expands the loyalty program and includes options like discounts and a barcode scanner.

L’Oréal Paris:

L’Oréal boasts a variety of last apps, like the omnichannel loyalty app L’Oréal Privée. Beauty “Lounges” containing made product tips and tricks boost the brand’s search visibility, whereas tutorials diminished by class and elegance facilitate users to establish their ideal look.

L'Oreal Essence Cosmetics:

The native German brand punches higher than its weight category this year, jump into the high precocious ranks – a marked distinction with its Average performance in 2015. Essence upraised its rank by investment in native e-tailers and social media; the complete additionally has stronger traffic and net authority than several of its peers, in the main driven by its quality on review website

The Body Shop:

Together with Estée Lauder, The Body shop outpaces the broader Index in both desktop and mobile advertising investments. The brand is one amongst a few using a diagnostic tool that lets users add all products to cart with one click.