One of the leading companies in the automotive industry in the world is Toyota. Toyota has long been the most popular name in the car industry with their exports reaching almost everywhere  in the world. It’s important to always look at who is behind the wheel as this company has long been run by members of the founding family. Nowadays the company is being run by the grandson, Akio Toyoda who has been assigned as the president ever since 2009.

According to Akio, he has always been trying to hide the fact that he is part of the family. He claims that being  Toyoda and the president of the firm is a hectic experience that no one will ever understand. Now that he has been president for almost 10 years and the numbers of the company lately have been dropping; he came out to comment on his concerns with the position and the fact that he is reconsidering many choices.

He believes that his approach of changing the culture and type of products being produced by the company is the right thing to do, even if it contradicts with the previous set rules of the company. He commented in a recent interview saying, “I told my son, 'You don't have to hide the family because it's part of yourself, part of who you are. If people ask, you can say it. You can take pride in it. From day one of becoming president, I have been always looking for my successor.”