A well-established company should never change its brand or name at any point, especially when it has a lot of customers who are already well-familiar with the carrier. However, this was recently observed in United Arab Emirates with one of its leading carrier providers, which has completely changed its name and brad. This was seen by all the companies in the country which has changed their network name apparent on phones for their customers to 'UAENUMBER1'. This was a move made by the companies to support the country which has recently been considered as the number one country in the world in terms of internet and telephony level of competition. This change to the first place was a jump from the 104th position which is why it is considered as a huge deal.

Furthermore, the Knowledge Index Report was the main feature of the news which is a report being formed annually by the United Nations Development Programme, which is directly supported by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation. There was also many different changes in ranks for the country which was also in the Sector Competitiveness Index for Information and Communications Technology, ICT, Inputs where they were UAE was honored with 5th position after being down at the 61st.

These changes show how well developing the country is and the different updates in technology being used. The country is looking forward to excel in many different fields. However, it is shining more in the telecommunication services field with the technology being used by their carriers being the best in the world.