The trade war on going between the United States and China has had a lot of down sides and negative impacts. However, the strongest effect has been on Huawei which is the leading telecom provider in China and one of the leading smartphones providers. Recently, the United States government and President Donald Trump has pushed Google to stop providing the Android software to Huawei. Furthermore, the United States has urged countries to ban exports to Huawei as means to force China to lose the war.

As this had a negative impact on China and Huawei, different retailers of this product worldwide are losing a lot of money. However, in United Arab Emirates one of the most known tech retailers believe that this will have no effect on the sales. The retailer believes that Huawei will survive using a new software that is developed in house and might be much better than Google’s.

This was commented on by a spokesman from Huawei by saying, “None of the items in the market will be affected. But it will affect the ones currently being manufactured. Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally.”

This could come as good news to all Huawei owners and potential users as owning a Huawei phone at this current moment would make no sense.