Technology and developments are very important topics to discuss and hold in every country. When looking for new technology it has to be something up to date and solving current problems in our society. A leading country in technology  is Singapore, which has shown great response form the community in terms of new technologies and developments rising by day.

However, the newest field in technology that is expected to invade our planet is Artificial Intelligence. This technology is being inducted in all features nowadays as means to help machines be more human like. Only recently a startup in Singapore was able to secure funds due to their strong AI technology developed.

The company called Pencil secured a total of $1.1 million in US dollars through Singapore and US-based VC Wavemaker Partners along with SGInnovate and Entrepreneur First. These funds will be used by the company for more developments, expansion and a better product. They are focusing on hiring engineers that can aid with the technology, together with customer success talent, extend patent-pending technology and extend patent-pending technology.

The main product provided by the company is to provide Ads that use AI in order to be more developed and personalized. The focus of the company is to enable teams in advertising agencies, including creative and media teams to understand fully the needs of the target market. Accordingly, ads created will be personalized in terms of content, language and visuals.

This will help such companies increase their impact and be more relevant to viewers.