It is fair to say that one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of technology is United Arab Emirates. The tech field there has been expanding day by day, introducing more and different technologies in all the fields for encouragement of development. The country is now ranked as the third most developed country in the world in terms of technology. This is a major factor, making the country a place for tourists and attracting many different investors and celebrities.

However, recently there has been a new interest in United Arab Emirates from the eye of the leading tech bodies of the world. Recent news reveal that the CEO of Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave is considering to host his annual tech even in UAE this year. This Web Summit is considered as the fastest-growing tech conference program in the world.

Mr. Paddy commented on his excitement and interest in UAE saying, “  The Middle East is massively in our future. Already at Web Summit, we have massive participation from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but also from Oman and Saudi Arabia, and the number of start-ups participating from the region has been growing year-on-year. When this little car-sharing app called Careem showed up, everybody thought the idea they were going to take on the might of someone like Uber was ridiculous. That they could compete with these global firms that already had such a head start just seemed ludicrous, but it turned out they proved pretty much everybody wrong.”