A poetry project by Kent State’s Wick Poetry Center, “Travelling Stanzas” can make its way to the National depository of Immigration on Ellis Island this fall as a fragment of the “Sisters in Liberty: From Florence, Italy, to New York, New York” exhibition.

It showcases heaps of the innovative technologies and collaborations across disciplines on the Kent State field and with our Kent State Florence program, aforementioned the director of the Wick Poetry Center.

This exhibition, which opens on October. 17, 2019 and runs till April 2020, displays the partnership between Kent State and also the Opera di Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.

There will be a weekend in New York, on November. 9 and 10 to commemorate the exhibition. The 2 days are going to be comprised of a reception, brunch, keynote speaker and tour of the “Sisters in Liberty” exhibition at the National depository of Immigration. This event is going to be receptive to the general public.

This project came out of a gathering between James Blank, dean of the faculty of Arts and Sciences; J.R. Campbell, executive of the planning Innovation Initiative; Fabrizio Ricciardelli, director of the Kent State University Florence Center and leadership of the Opera di Santa Croce. This speech began attributable to the 200th anniversary of the friendly relationship between the U.S. and Florence, aforementioned Jessica Jewell, senior educational program director at the Wick Poetry Center.

Out of this meeting came the conception of “Sisters in Liberty,” some way to celebrate the U.S. sculpture of Liberty and Pio Fedi’s “Liberty of Poetry” sculpture. This concept eventually grew into a cooperative exhibit around the theme of liberty. A Kent State analysis team helped build the exhibit, which is able to embody a 3D-printed copy of Fedi’s sculpture that's a nearly full scale.