One important aspect of any business and its success is the ability of the business to cope with the market and the region they are set in. One of the most limiting markets or regions in the world for any business is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a strong country in terms of economy and businesses, where it has a strong buying power. It is easy to make money in such a country when selling a product that is suitable for all.

However, when it comes to women, there are a lot of limitations in the country which might fail any business that targets women alone. This is due to the limits set on women and their ability to move around freely and conduct any activities. However, Xponential Fitness which is a company associated with providing facilities for fitness has moved forward to create a total of 50 studios for females only in order to start penetrating the rest of the Saudi market.  These facilities will all be located in Riyadh and will start functioning on a period of three years.

This was commented on by the chief international development officer for Xponential Fitness, Mr. John Kersh who said, “This is an ambitious and unprecedented fitness project for the Middle East, and we believe the Alhokair family and their team will be outstanding partners for Xponential Fitness. The Saudi Arabian fitness market is poised for significant growth in the coming years, and we are excited for Xponential Fitness and our brands to play an influential role in its development.”